Breaking the cycle of dependency for a more sustainable future.



Working together with selected partners and sponsors to help build a more sustainable tourism industry for Africa; its economy, its people, its wildlife and its environment.

A  collaborative Fair-trade tourism model delivering more business direct for increased investment in a greener localized economy. 


Transformation through tourism.....



Providing consumers access to tourism, travel and hospitality across Africa. With interactive mapping, points of interest, guides, activities, events, exhibitions, accommodation and lodging, destination services with impartial advice, planning and bookings. 

ALL bookings made at ZERO commission for higher retained margin.


Creating a grassroots destination supermarket for the private and public sector across all destinations.


Giving consumers the opportunity to search, plan and book all destination content and product direct.


Providing nations and their suppliers with 100% commission free bookings for increased export value and improved margin for support of local social, environmental and wildlife initiatives.



The VisitEarth platform uses the IX Tourism system for Africa and is about breaking the cycle of dependency, building a stronger more self-reliant industry and using tourism as a catalyst for postive change in support of the millenium Development Goals for Africa.


A destination travel & hospitality supermarket.


"Finally disruptive innovation to drive more tourism revenue to each African nation through a collaborative private public sector partnership. Providing badly needed funds for sustainable local MDG initiatives.”

Geoffrey Lipman,


All bookings 100% commission free

generating fees for improved sustainability