The VisitEarth model uses disruptive technology to break the cycle of dependency on 3rd party international intermediaries. Providing each country with their own travel and tourism platform at a grassroots level means consumers can finally access all product directly and dynamically plan and package their ideal destination experience through well informed local experts. Our vision is simple: smart tourism is only possible from increased profit through local enterprise. Our initial focus is on the African continent following which the platform will be available to other emerging nations.
Drive for SMART tourism
Drive for SMART tourism

Breaking the cycle of dependency

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The VisitEarth platform also seeks disruptive models for improved fairtrade and sustainable evironmental programmes that will provide the commerce of tourism with a much smarter longer term approach to its business.

“This is THE breakthrough technology and model that will allow SME's to finally gain control of their destiny. A fantastic innovation and concept”

Phil Davies, CEO

“Stunning destinations and continent and love the concept of VisitEarth.travel.”

Gary Reynolds, Chief Investment Officer, Courtiers