Protecting wildlife
Protecting wildlife

through tourism and enterprise

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Zanzibar Investment Opportunities
Zanzibar Investment Opportunities

managing the footprint

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Safari Acquisition & Land Investments
Safari Acquisition & Land Investments

Project management

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Select Investments & Advisory

Across Zanzibar, Tanzania, Kenya, East Africa & Indian Ocean.



Working together with GOVERNMENTS and selected partners and INVESTORS to help build a more sustainable tourism industry for Africa; its economy, its people, its wildlife and its environment.

A  collaborative community model delivering increased investment in a greener localized economy. 


Social Environment Enterprise Development (SEED) model.....



Providing INVESTORS access to the most professional local knowledge and expertise covering upscale hospitality, tourism wildlife and marine conservation. Services cover in-depth knowledge of Government institutions, available land for purchase, government lease negotiation and strategic investment status conditions for optimal investment benefits. 

Specializing in Zanzibar, Tanzania, East Africa & Indian Ocean



Risk assessment, legal, access TO MARKET viability, financial and marketing feasibilities, strategic planning, BRANDING, asset evaluation, optimize operations assessment, ACQUISITION, sale, management and owners/investor REPRESENTATION.


A BESPOKE destination full-service agency for select clients



Providing a CONFIDENTIAL grassroots international standard for private INVESTORS.


Giving INVESTORS AND OPERATORS the reliability for protected investments and secure assets.


Providing nations with increased international investments finding the right quality Investors for Projects of National Importance and to raise the quality standards of hospitality and tourism across Zanzibar, Tanzania, East Africa & Indian Ocean.

"Finally a disruptive innovation to drive more investment and tourism revenue to each African nation through a collaborative private community partnership. Providing badly needed funds for sustainable local MDG initiatives.”

Geoffrey Lipman,