Through its platform, Visit Earth has developed a suite of travel and destination management applications which allow tourism suppliers and tourism authorities across all destinations to get their product to market though a collaborative network. Effectively through multiple online and off-line channels, which allow customers total flexibility for browsing, planning, selecting, packaging and paying for travel experiences online direct removing all the intermediary channels and costs. This drives more revenue directly to each destination from which a 50% share goes into local CORE initiatives (Conservation Of Resources Through Enterprise) and encompass Community, Conservation, Culture and Commerce (the 4 C's).
Protection through enterprise

We believe sustainable wildlife and environmental protection is only possible if all local stakeholders benefit directly- in their pocket. The VisitEarth platforms aims to drive more revenue direct to suppliers and to hilight those who are more actively involved in responsible management involving CORE initiatives.

CORE (conservation of resources through enterprise)
VisitEarth works with each supplier to help provide more sustainable practises.


Critical resourcing will become the relative norm in a few short years and even more so in remote locations. Global energy costs will increase exponentially and our aim is find collaborative ways to support member sustainability. CORE is a Visit Earth initiative that integrates funding with local sponsors in the interest of all.

Integrated initiatives at a local level.


Regardless of any philanthropic ideal, unless local communities benefit directly from tourism in their location, they cannot be expected to protect it as one of their natural resources as well as guard against it along with culture erosion. Our vision supports job creation from within local communities and to promote their unique heritage through tourism.

​Protection through sustainable eco resorts

Lago Reef in the province of Inhambane, Mozambique is a spectacular 95 hectare of pristine coastal land. The focus for a SMART tourism agenda integrating a resort with local communities for job and wealth creation around an entirely eco friendly environment. Perfectly placed with natural lakes and unspoilt beach stretching for hunderds of miles and only 90 minutes from the capital- Maputo.


​Benefit in the pocket

Our aim is to insure tourism and hospitality suppliers benefit directly from an increase in responsible tourists who also follow environmental initiatives they undertake. The environment is a component of the suppliers assets and should be guarded jealously.