As a bespoke agency we provide international and regional Investors with highly professional international standards within the local governing environments. Ensuring efficient Risk Assessments for optimal investment conditions on the ground in close collaboration with all government authorities. Matching investment criteria with tailored projects and acquisitions as a full service practice. We are also actively involved in our Conservation Of Resources Through Enterprise under the Zamani Development Network (

There has never been a better time to look at investment opportunities across East Africa and more specifically in Zanzibar and Tanzania.

The new Governments are pushing for Foreign Investment across all sectors and particularly in upscale hospitality and tourism.

Our African Advisory International holds SELECT investment opportunities that have already been reviewed by us as Projects of National Importance with special status with government.



We hold a large number of pre-selected Projects of National Importance covering; large coastal land parcels with beach front for upscale resort developments, islands across the Zanzibar archipelago for boutique eco resort developments covering areas of terrestrial and marine conservation, Heritage Buildings in Stone Town for regeneration to upscale boutique hotels and residences, wildlife areas with land for tented camp and lodge developments as well as acquisition of existing establishments requiring either  quality upgrades or immediate operations.



Under our African Advisory- Investments need to be carefully considered from a Risk Assessment perspective and ROI criteria including benefitting from optimal operations returns and repatriation of company profits.

We undertake all local services required to steer the Investment evaluation process and eventual operations within a highly complexed and bureaucratic environment.

“this is a very innovative solution to the problems which face INVESTORS in African nations struggling to find a safe way forward. To drive more Investments and revenue into upscale tourism and hospitality while still protecting the fragile natural assets across these wonderful countries; their heritage, communities, environment and wildlife and to do so PROFITABLY"

Reto Wittwer Chairman Advisory Board of World Tourism Forum Lucerne and ex President of Kempinski