Our aim is to develop a sustainable tourism industry as a force to alleviate poverty and a tourism sector that responds to the imperative of climate change. As key priorities synchronised with United Nations call to action to realising Africa's potential through people and technology - to building human capital, investing in infrastructure, strengthening the business environment and enabling local innovation and content development. We have built a collaborative system which automatically aggregates local suppliers in a destination with the public sector tourism authority. The IX generated income is directed for local initiatives related to communities, wildlife, environment and conservation.

The system allows each small medium enterpise ability to plug into the network which forms an automatic aggregation of the entire destination. Consumers and intermediaries can then search for product dynamically building a travel plan around their motive. With ZERO commission charged on bookings made and with more revenue and margin left in the destination.



The IX operating system automatically forms a collaborative structure at a grassroots level providing access to customers direct and intermediaries looking for unique content and product. Also to other local service providers around a hotel and the national tourism authority.

Placing each supplier organically higher across all search engines and their product highly visible on the retail shelf.

STRATEGIES uses IX-tourism system technology designed to provide all suppliers with all of the tools and applications to market themselves directly to consumers. We also offer free web-building services with 1,000's of fantastic templates so you can design your own website with free booking engines in a few hours- no training required!

“this is a very innovative solution to the problems which face African nations struggling to find a smarter way forward. To drive more revenue from tourism and hospitality while still protecting the fragile natural assets across this wonderful continent; their heritage, communities, environment and wildlife.”

Reto Wittwer Chairman Advisory Board of World Tourism Forum Lucerne and President of Kempinski