Protecting Africa's largest elephant population

A need to protect Africa’s largest elephant population.

The Kazungula District of Zambia, the location of the Sekute Chiefdom, lies close to the borders of Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia. Elephants and other wildlife regularly move between these countries to access various habitats.

Over time, human settlements have obstructed critical wildlife corridors connecting protected areas, and the close proximity of wildlife to people has resulted in increased human-wildlife conflict.

Fishing to secure sound financial futures.

African Wildlife Foundation and the leadership of the Sekute Chiefdom constructed Machenje Fishing Lodge as a long-term strategy to generate revenue and jobs for the community, while providing protection for elephants.

In exchange for AWF developing Machenje Fishing Lodge and providing other economic benefits—including rebuilding a primary school and providing employment opportunities for local residents as wildlife scouts—the Sekute community agreed to set aside more than 20,000 hectares of land for conservation.

By working directly with the community on this community-owned conservation enterprise, AWF was able to turn the “burden” of living with wildlife into an opportunity.